Overcome Limiting Beliefs ABOUT MONEY To Get MORE OF IT!

Break Through Negative Money Beliefs, Lack Of Confidence, Doubts And Fears

So You Can Finally Grow Your Wealth!



Wondering how we're going to get you unstuck when nothing else has? 

You've tried everything, right?  But instead of getting traction in your finances and business,  you're barely staying afloat. Feels like you're stuck in quicksand... You've tried manifestation and positive affirmations, but at the end of the day --you're still afraid to actually go after what you want.

The WORST part is...

You KNOW you're meant for more, you want more money, but you can't seem to get out of your own way.

What if you could destroy the limiting beliefs holding you back and change the way you look at yourself and your money?

Would you finally...

Feel confident enough to earn more money? Feel confident enough to ask for the sale? Have better money attraction skills?  Feel worthy of asking for exactly what you want, setting boundaries, and getting the support you need to succeed? 

By now, you know that goal setting and positive thinking alone doesn't work. 

Because you're trying to build your brand new life on top of your rickety old beliefs. You need a SOLID belief structure to stand on BEFORE you ever turn to goal-setting, strategies, and tactics. 


I'm Kim Guillory, Integrative MindBody Coach and Business Mentor. 

For the last 27 years, I have grown personally, professionally and financially using this unique strategy. 

Now, I help other business owners launch, grow, and scale their lives and businesses. The first thing we have to work on is the PERSON.

So Belief Boot Camp starts there... helping the individual gain control of their money first.

And that's what I'm inviting you to... are you ready?


An 2-hour virtual event for individuals to get unstuck and upgrade their money belief system.

At Belief Bootcamp, you'll learn...

  • how to identify your current beliefs

  • ​how to take the first step to living your purpose

  • ​how to uplevel your money mindset

  • ​how to become more confident

  • how to create more money

  • ​and SO MUCH MORE!

Belief Bootcamp is valued at $2,500!

Because we want to get this into the hands of more people, your online ticket is FREE!

Your Ticket Includes:

  • 2-hours of Belief Bootcamp online

  • Optional VIP upgrade to Day 2 for deep dive into your own money beliefs

  • Custom PDF workbook

  • Access to the integrative community

  • Life-changing money belief work

  • Practical strategies to take the belief work home with you

Belief Bootcamp is the best investment you can make because when you improve your beliefs, you improve your money.

Event Schedule

Recording Availalbe

Belief Boot Camp

Where beliefs come from

Why we believe what we do

Identify and dismantle beliefs that aren't serving

New Belief Integration

Friday, October 20th

Optional VIP Upgrade $97

Upgrade your money beliefs

11am-2pm CST

Breakthrough coaching

Money mindset for business and personal beliefs

Surround yourself with people who are WITH you, doing the inner work to create more wealth. If you're looking for deeper conversations that go beyond surface-level small talk, this is who you want to surround yourself with. 

Belief Bootcamp is perfect for you if...

  • You are ready for change.

  • ​You want to have more money.

  • You have tried all of the books, courses, and personal growth gurus. 

  • You have a feeling something inside you is holding you back and you want to know why.

Get your ticket NOW! You can't afford to waste any more time struggling with not enough money. It's time to take your foot of the break - by changing your that now. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Belief Bootcamp, and why should I attend?

Belief Bootcamp is a free 2-hour online class designed to help you understand the origins of your beliefs and how they impact your life. It provides tools and strategies for changing limiting beliefs to align with your goals and desires.

How do I know if my beliefs are limiting me?

Limiting beliefs often manifest as self-doubt, fear, or patterns of behavior that hinder your progress. During the class, we'll explore techniques to identify and evaluate your beliefs to determine if they are helping or hindering you.

Can beliefs really be changed?

Absolutely! Belief Bootcamp will provide you with practical methods for modifying your beliefs.

How do I know if I'm a fit for this?

Belief Bootcamp is designed to be relevant for individuals with diverse goals, whether they pertain to career success, personal development, relationships, or any other area of lif

Can I invite friends or family to join the class?

Please do! Feel free to share the registration information with anyone you think may benefit from the class.

Why should I upgrade to VIP?

ONLY upgrade to VIP if you're serious about changing your money beliefs and want HOT SEAT coaching to get to the root and transplant a new belief.

Have a question? Send an email to support@kimguillory.com

You want to join me for Belief Bootcamp... Because changing your beliefs is the most important growth minded work you will ever do.

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